11 Brilliant Ideas for Interior Designing Your Small Apartment

Having a small apartment is nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, there are benefits to having a small apartment. It’s easier to maintain, and it’s easy to design it interiorly. You can also buy ideal designer lamps for your small apartment.

Here are 11 easy ideas you can use to make your small apartment a delightful piece of heaven.

Avoid dark colors

Using dark colors in a small room will make it feel smaller. Light colors like green and light blue are the key to make your small room feel bright and comfortable.

Use a mix of furniture

Get a mix of big and small furniture to give balance to your small apartment. For example, if you use a large couch in your living room, mix it up with small side chairs to make the room feel a bit more balanced.


Your space is already small so make sure you don’t put too many things in your small apartment, especially tables. You will have less space to move around if you clutter it with so many items. The mantra for small apartments is always this: less is more.

Put some mirrors

Mirrors are excellent for small spaces. They reflect natural light, and this helps give your space the impression that it is bigger and wider.

Hang things

One of the things to maximize in a small space is the walls. Place hooks or pegs so you can hang stuff there so that the storage capacity of your small apartment increases. You can also hang decor to put some personality in your space.

Strategically use dividers

Having a small apartment could make you feel claustrophobic because there is a lack of divisions. So get some dividers so that it divides your space into various functional areas.

Get some metals

If you’re getting a lamp or other fixtures, consider getting a metallic one. The trick with metals is that they create a similar effect as mirrors which is to reflect light that helps brightens up your small space.

Purchase some floating shelves

Bookcases are bulky and take up so much floor space. Instead, get some floating shelves to have the storage space you need but without much space requirements.

Make sure your curtain color matches your walls

When your curtain blends with your wall, it creates a visual feel of the room is large.

Get furniture that has storage and can be moved around

When you purchase furniture, get those that can store your things. For example, there are tables that have shelves, or chairs with some storage space underneath. You won’t have to throw or give away your precious things with this smartly designed furniture!

Furniture that is mobile or that can easily be moved is also great for small apartments because you can rearrange as necessary and you’ll be able to roll out some cushions for unexpected visitors to your home.

Go green

Insert some small plants or hanging plants in your apartment, and this will make your home feel fresh and light.

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