3 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is gradually becoming a necessity for majority homes and offices, especially, if they are quite spacious and carpeting adds to the beauty of the space. The problem of keeping the carpets clean is solved by the companies specializing in carpet cleaning.

However, hiring just any carpet cleaning company wouldn’t solve your problem and there are companies that might misguide the potential clients in order to hide their mistakes or discrepancy in the services.

So here are the 3 myths about carpet cleaning that you should never believe

  1. Carpets remain wet for one whole day:

This is just not possible if proper techniques and equipment are used. However, if there is something missing in the cleaning procedure or if equipment and solutions used are not of good quality then drying the carpets might be a problem. Additionally, with improper ventilation, drying the carpets can be a trouble. Other than professional cleaning, things depend a lot on the amount of dirt and soiling that has taken place. With proper cleaning, carpets take at least two hours to dry.

  1. Carpets need cleaning once in a few years:

A lot of people while buying and installing carpets, especially, commercial setups think that high-quality carpets don’t need regular cleaning, they can be cleaned once in a few years as they feel that they wouldn’t look too dirty in first one or two years. While some others believe that too much cleaning might affect the carpet quality. This is completely a wrong concept as the truth is that a dirty carpet wears off and gets damaged faster than a clean carpet. What’s more, the bacterial growth on the carpet is sure to add more troubles as this will result in people suffering from allergies and breathing problems. It’s always better to hire a fully-functional carpet cleaning company to take care of the cleaning needs rather than bearing the frequent replacement costs.

  1. All cleaning methods are the same:

This is invariably another wrong concept that’s drilled into people’s head for quite a long time. You must realize that there are a handful of cleaning methods that are specially used for carpet cleaning purpose. A professional company knows what their clients need and they design their services accordingly. The cleaning methods have to vary as per the material and the quality of the carpets.

That is why companies like Nettoyeur Pro-Sec create customizable solutions for their clients and this is what keeps them ahead in this industry.

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