4 Amazing Bedroom Design Styles For 2018

Did you know that 26 years of your life is spent sleeping? Creating a focal point using high-quality furniture speaks a thousand words in silence. Furnish your home with cutting edge bedroom furniture in Los Angeles.

If your room is large, break it up into zones. A mix of accent and overhead lighting is excellent for ambiance and functionality that enhances your bedroom furniture style. Pendant lights are perfect on-trend bedside lighting that makes your furniture appear much more appealing.

Here are four bedroom styles you should know when planning to buy furniture.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian bedroom uses soft panels, neutral tones, and designed merely furniture enhanced by a minimal approach to bedroom decor. You can combine these elements to make a tranquil space that is roomy and stylish. One notable Scandinavian hallmark you must have is tapered-leg furniture which creates a contemporary feeling in your bedroom.

This minimalist emphasis style exemplifies open ambiance in a small bedroom. You can add area rugs, faux fur throws, and throw pillows to make your bedroom cozy and inviting. The contemporary yet sleek look is achievable with the best bedroom furniture.

Industrial Style

Industrial bedroom style features exclusive comfort while simultaneously maintaining a reclaimed warehouse aesthetic. Continuous balancing contrast gives your bedroom a fresh and eclectic style. Your bed, the central attraction in your room, should preferably be made of a darker wood or metal.
Neutral or white bedding adds a luxurious touch to this exquisite style. Additionally, you can add an area rug to your sleeping space to soften the surrounding metal, brick, and cement as you introduce a visual texture and depth. This bedroom style speaks volumes but stick to a few decor elements.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Style

If you desire a tastefully retro appeal that is always contemporary, midcentury modern style is ideal for you. The bed frame is made with a rich tone preferably walnut making it the perfect focal point in your room. Slanted and tapered legs are typical for this bedroom style furniture.
Whether it is a funky throw pillow, an accent chair, or a meticulously patterned rug, bright and vibrant colors are perfect for this style.

Glam Bedroom

This style fuses lux comfort and high fashion with all the glamor and glitz of a contemporary house. The shimmering accents and sleek metals are enhanced by touches of chrome, silver, and gold colors. Faux fur throw pillows and plush shag rug offer texture and enhance the luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom.

Bolder is better when it comes to this style. A bronze or brass bed frame is an excellent way to dress up your bedroom.

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