4 Things You Must Implement Today to Keep Your Keys Safe

Keys are very valuable things. They open many important things like our car, doors, and safes. The problem with keys is that they are small and can easily be lost if we misplace them. Yes, you can look for a Katy Texas locksmith if you’re in the Texas region to help you with everything keys related but it’s best to call a locksmith for real emergencies, e.g., your keys get stolen, and you can’t get in your home or access your car or safe. So save their number immediately on your phone.

Here are four proven ways to keep your keys safe.

One permanent place in your bag

Never put your keys in your pockets as it can quickly fall off or you might forget about it if you change your clothes. Also, it could fall if you’re bending or if you take out other stuff and you miss it out.

The key to keeping your keys safe is to designate one specific place in your backpack that is zip locked. It’s no use putting it in your bag if there is no secure compartment there for your keys. In this way, even if your handbag hangs upside down, there is no way it would fall off.

Never in one chain

Never make the common mistake of putting all your keys, e.g., car, house, locker, etc. in just one keychain. If you lose that bundle of keys, it’s gonna be a big hassle for you. So keep related keys separately. You can color code the chain to make it easy to remember what those keys are for.

Tap trusted friends or relatives

Make sure a close friend or relative have a set of spare keys. This ensures that even if you have been very careful but still unfortunate to lose it, especially if it’s something outside your control, you won’t have a big problem. You can then replicate those spare keys so that you still have an emergency copy.

Choose designated spot in your home

In your home, you can use a bowl or a key box to put your keys. Make sure you put there consistently so that it becomes a habit. The idea is by having only one place for the keys; you’ll never misplace them. Also, make that spot be near something important, e.g., where you put your shoes so that you’ll not forget to get them before leaving the house. The idea is to attach this habit to another habit, e.g., taking and wearing shoes.

Make sure to keep it far from the windows so that petty thieves won’t be able to just sneak in their hands to steal it.

Final Thoughts

Keys are easy to keep if you follow the steps outlined above. Doing so will save you lots of time searching and of course, save some money from the use of a locksmith. Maybe one day, biometrics will make keys obsolete but until then, keep your keys close and safe.

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