Choosing a correct Cleaning method for your carpet at home depends upon the type of carpet you have. It is important to understand that different types of carpet require different types of cleaning methods. They are different types of techniques offered by cleaning services. You can contact your local Cleaning Services of Carpet for your home. Like if you stay in mild land, there are many Midland Carpet Cleaning Services available. Here are some techniques of Cleaning


It is also known as steam carpet cleaning. It uses the high pressured hot water to agitate the carpet and remove dirt from the carpet. In this technique the cleansing Agent is applied to the surface with brush and then washed off with water. The cleansing agent is applied to the carpet fibre for some time. After short duration the carpet is washed using cleaning equipment and then it finally dried at room or left in air conditioner room to make it dry and clean.


Encapsulation is most popular technique and easy to use. In this technique the foam is formed using synthetic detergent that will crystallize into powder when dried. The dirt particles in the fibre are encapsulated into the powder with foam and later this powder can be vacuumed. Encapsulation has gained huge popularity and left behind the shampooing technique, because in the shampooing technique after drying of foam the carpet used to become sticky. Though it has huge popularity but it has some limitations too, it cannot be used to clean heavy soiling carpet.


This technique is used to clean the top of the carpet using spinning pad. It is quick solution and one of the easiest ways to clean the surface. The process involves Cleaning of carpet fibres using motorized cleaning through spinning pad that has some Cleaning agent for removing dirt. It is used most areas because it allows quick drying. Bonnet Cleaning does not ensure to clean the carpets completely, it cleans the top of the carpet and dirt in the deep of the Carpet is left uncleaned. It is also lefts behind the chemical in the Carpet. It also used in hotel for quicker solutions and also makes it convinent for hotel customers.


Dry carpet cleaning is one of the techniques which have gained popularity in recent years. This new technology do not require drying time, so it becomes easy to use this method. The dry carpet cleaning uses the carpet throughout with Cleaning powder and brush the Carpet with rotating counter. This allows to clean the dirt from deep inside and also do not require drying time. Cleaning compound is made up of some biodegradable materials (micro-sponges) which absorb the dissolved dirt that can be removed at the end of Cleaning. There are numerous Cleaning compounds available in the Market. Generally Dry Carpet Cleaning is suitable for all types of Carpet Cleaning.

So these are 4 types of cleaning methods you can use to clean your carpets and make keep your home clean.


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