5 Important Questions to Ask During Patio Enclosures Consultation

Having a patio enclosure crafted into your home will greatly impact its aesthetic and property value. If you are looking to sell your home in the future then you can be assured that the additional upgrade will significantly increase the selling price of your home. However, you can only get the high value if the work done is of an equally high value. Getting the right contractor to do the job is critical for the success of the project. Here are five questions to ask during the consultation with a contractor

Professional Experience

It does not always follow that a contractor who has been in the business for decades will offer professionalism or quality work. The contractor should have a vast experience in quality construction with references to back this up. In addition to having a large portfolio, the contractor should also possess problem solving skills as well as have a creative mind that will offer you diverse options for your space. Enclosure Guy patio enclosures have a long and reputable history of quality workmanship from satisfied customers.


Construction companies need to be licensed to work in specific States. Check to confirm that the contractor has the necessary permits to work not only in your home but in the State as well. Check also the license expiry date. The last thing you want is for your patio work to be stalled because licensing problems. Although some States do not require a construction company to be licensed, hiring an unlicensed contractor will be risky as you cannot hold the company liable for any unsatisfactory or unfinished work


Any construction company worth its salt should offer you a guarantee for the work it will do for you. Enclosure Guy patio enclosures come with a guarantee that is specified in terms of validity period and coverage.

Workers’ Compensation

Every person working on your patio enclosure should have workers’ compensation insurance. In case an accident occurred during the construction, you may be held liable for injuries on employees that do not have insurance coverage.  Check the State compensation requirements by calling the relevant government agencies. While you are at it, confirm that the workers at your property site have insurance cover that isn’t expired.

Contract and Payment Schedule

The contract should contain all relevant information including description of the work, materials that will be used, total cost, payment schedule, approximate timeline, and any exclusions. Often times, payment of patio enclosures is done in installments which are pegged on completed milestones. Make sure that the contractor clearly spells out the payment schedule prior to you signing the contract.

Finally, even as the contractor answers these and any other questions, be keen to listen to what is not included in the answers. Follow your instincts and decide if the contractor is genuine or not. A patio enclosure is a big decision to make and that is why getting the right professional to walk you through your dream project is critical.

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