Amongst the stress and responsibilities that come with running a company, crime is a reality that many businesses and property owners have to face. Unfortunately the safety of your business cannot rely solely on public security forces – such as the police – whose main concern is to maintain the welfare of the public as a whole. Police cannot enter private property or watch over personal property, and this leaves gaps in the safety of your business. Hiring a private London SIA security guard will ensure personalized protection over yourself and your personal property or business, and is a service that you can rely on to look after your best interests.

How Private Security guards Differs from Public Officers

SIA security guards are trained security personnel employed and managed by London Security Companies. Unlike government-employed police forces that are governed by politics, the government and the law, private security are contracted by an organization to protect personnel and property. This means that the SIA security guard working on your property may deny unauthorized access to your business, while enforcing the rules of your company. All of these powers allow private security guards to act in real time to any threats that may occur on your property.

Why Private Safeguarding Is Better

  • To be part of a legitimate private security company in London, security personnel must be licensed (SIA), and they must own a Security Officer License. This license proves that the security officer has skills such as interviewing techniques, crime and accident prevention and physical security, as well as knowing emergency procedures, and basic first aid. A contract with any of these SIA-Licensed security guards gives the customer liability insurance, which further protects any potential loss or breakage of property. Public police cannot pay you back for any damage incurred on your property.
  • Another advantage of hiring a private SIA security guard is the increased scope of protection they may offer you. Private security covers personal bodyguard protection, uniformed or unmarked security, patrols, or even undercover security. They will first consult with you the needs of your company’s safety, and will set up an appropriate force tailored perfectly to your needs. This includes Point of Access gate houses and camera security – which are perfect for schools, businesses and estates. These security guards are excellent in carrying out their duties and this allows them to truly ensure full coverage without compromising your safety.

Prevention, and not Cure, Is the Best Measure
Public police try their best to protect the public, but as they have restricted access and powers, a business may fall victim to crime and the police can only assist with the investigation after the fact. The main way that SIA security guards is advantageous is that by being employed to work on your property they may protect your property, ultimately preventing crime, and therefore reducing loss.

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