Choosing to Use the Window Replacement – Heritage Collection

When the time comes to make the window replacements in your home, you need to choose a collection that fits perfectly with the style and type of home that you have. The Heritage Collection is a favourite for so many homeowners out there. With traditional designs with each of the window options to choose from, you can feel good about the choice of window that you go with. Without the right window in the home, it might not have the right look which is not ideal. Choose a window that makes you feel good about it.

When choosing new windows for your home, always choose wisely. You don’t want to worry about what widows are going to be there for you to make use of. You want to know which windows are going to give you the most benefits and those within the Heritage Collection might be the ones to go with.

What Windows are offered with the Heritage Collection

Windows in this collection are a traditional feel. They provide many finished, as well as styles to choose from so you’re easily able to match them with your home’s style. Of course, you can consult with our designers and installation crew to see what they say regarding the choice of window type and your home. Find something that fits and really makes your home stand out on the block.

  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Slim Fixed Windows
  • Single Tilt Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Double Slider Windows
  • Double Hung Windows

Benefits of the Heritage Collection Replacement Windows

There are many benefits that come with any window out there. By knowing the benefits, you can feel much more confident choosing one type of window collection over another. By doing so, you can safely choose a window that matches your home overall.

  • All of the windows that are offered through the Heritage Collection are treated and come in different finishes so that the homeowner can choose which one works the best with the home that they have.

  • Some of them have Solar Solutions on them so that you’re able to enjoy an obstructed view and benefits of having the glaze over the windows that will protect your furniture when the sun beats in through it.

  • They open in many different ways for not only improved air quality and control, but also to let in sunlight. Screens can be fitted over the opening of the windows to prevent bugs from getting in or children and pets from getting out.

  • Interlocking sashes, as well as locking mechanisms on the top and bottoms of the windows for increased security while the window is in use. This provides an easy way to lock and unlock the windows, but also peace of mind when the windows are shut.

  • Are a beautiful addition to put into a home, especially one that has older windows in it. It provides the homeowner with a way to improve their curb appeal and even add some more value to the home overall.

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