Commercial or residential HVAC systems

HVAC systems are very important for every home, and you can choose residential or commercial system. Typically used in small business and homes are residential HVAC systems. More advanced, commercial systems are better for warehouses, office buildings, large retail stores. Even if the goal is the same there are differences between these two types, from efficiency to the power used and manufacturing.

There are companies which make both types, but because the manufacturing process is different, only bigger companies are making both. Residential systems are harder to maintain, so most of these systems are taken care of by professionals. You can search online for the best HVAC in Chesapeake VA for your system. The price of maintaining depends on the quality and what is included in the system.

Size difference

When it comes to size, the residential system is much smaller than commercial because the area that needs to be heated or for ventilation is larger. With this size goes complexity, so you can expect that the larger commercial systems are, they are more complex. This special goes for thermostats and dampers. Size also involves energy, so the smaller residential type is meant for households that can afford it. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a commercial system in a house that usually happens if some product is produced in the household.


The most important part when they are being manufactured is the type of building. Commercial systems are manufactured as a modular and packaged system. Modular HVAC is made out of multiple smaller parts that are made to work as a whole piece. The pieces that it is made of are the condenser fan, condenser, evaporator, drainage system, blower, and compressor.

A residential HVAC system is built as a standalone and split system, which means that it’s nearly the opposite of a commercial system. You can split the parts on the ones that go outside the home and the ones that are inside the home. It is still considered as a standalone even if the parts are split up because it can’t be reduced or expanded. The drainage system on the commercial system is also larger. For the residential system, a single pan can be used for system draining. Components for commercial system draining ensure eliminating the chance for overflow, and evaporation.

The price is another factor that manufacturers thought about. For some buildings, you have to make the whole plan how HVAC needs to be placed which means the price is going to be higher. The higher price for making it also means the higher price to maintain it.

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The typical place for residential HVAC is in the backyard or the side of a house. Because of the size, in order to make more room in the building, commercial systems are placed on the roof and there are multiple reasons why it should be placed there.

The company that has this type of system will have more room for other machines. Also, the system may affect the processes that are going on in the building or the other way around. If the system is very large, it can be noise which will affect everyone around it. The maintenance is easier to be done when the system is on the roof. Because a lot can be going on in the building, if you have the system on the roof it will prevent vandalism and damage.


Responsibilities depend on the type of HVAC system. Local HVAC professionals and homeowners are responsible for residential systems. With a little bit of experience, most of the problems can be solved by a homeowner, but it is better to call for help in some situations. When it comes to commercial systems, technicians and property owners are responsible for it. Because commercial systems are big, you have to hire a professional for that system. They have to know local electric codes in order to repair damages.

There are more commercial systems out there than residential because there are many variations of them. Some of the things that matter are the product that is made in the building, if there any chemicals in the building, the temperature the certain items need to be in.

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