Corporate Housing in St. Louis, MO: What to Know

Corporate business travel can be taxing. While it can often be exciting to see a new city, most business travelers soon find out that long stays in hotel rooms just don’t cut it – no matter how good the continental breakfast is. Corporate housing is a great alternative for those travelers who are working on long-term projects away from home.

Corporate housing in St. Louis, MO comes with a plethora of options and opportunities. We’ll break down the information you need to know here so that you can find the right solutions for your corporate housing needs in the St. Louis, MO area. There are quite a few providers out there with unique products, services, and price points.

Corporate Housing vs. Extended Stay Apartments

Many of the companies providing corporate housing in the St. Louis area offer multiple residency options. From corporate townhouses with landscaped yards and gardens, community centers and the like, to extended stay apartments, corporate housing providers make relocating or extended business travel more bearable.

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  • Corporate Housing
    • Typically larger residence with full furnishing and amenities.
    • Stays usually last from 30 days to six months.
    • Longer stays mean lower rates than traditional hotels.
  • Extended Stay Apartments
    • Units are usually smaller apartments or hotel-sized suites with full furnishings and kitchens, as well as on-site amenities.
    • Stays usually last from 30 days to six months.
    • Save even more over hotel rooms than corporate townhouses because landlords can handle higher occupancy in a smaller area.


Nearby Attractions and Services

If you’re looking for corporate housing in St. Louis, MO, it means you’re probably going to be here for a while. Your corporate housing experience in St. Louis can be amazing – not just another business trip – if you choose corporate housing that’s close to things you like to do.

You may want to choose corporate housing that’s close to one of our major sports stadiums if you love football or baseball, but don’t want the hassle of getting across town to see one. Some corporate housing services pride themselves on hiring only St. Louis natives, so if you want to know where the real best barbecue in the St. Louis is, you may find their suggestion a bit more convincing that the sign outside the nearest BBQ pit.

You can also find corporate housing close to parks, museums, and other cultural institutions in St. Louis. And don’t forget the live music! Some of the best live blues in the world can be found right here!


Most rates will vary by location, size of the unit, and the amenities required. In any case, though, corporate housing in St. Louis will be lower priced than a hotel. Many business-class hotels can charge upward of $100 per night for roughly 350 square feet. Corporate housing units are fully furnished with kitchens, and are nearly twice the size for around 25% less than a hotel. So, for a stay of thirty days, it’s the difference between $3,000 for a small room with a TV, mini-fridge, and maybe a couch, and $2,250 for a fully furnished apartment. The better deal is clear.


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