How House Orientation can be Applied in Setting up a House

Generally, an ideal orientation refers to the provision of a right amount of sun plenty in winter and in a cooler climate. It equally means being sheltered from strong or cold winds but can take advantage of the wind to cool your house when it is hot. When designing a house or planning renovations, there will be other consideration such as vegetation, view, terrain, local climate, and is very necessary to balance these against the advantage achieved through capturing the sun’s energy for heating and wind for cooling.

When should you give Orientation a thought

Orientation is best considered before buying a property, including apartments or townhouse like the North Bay Village real estate house. It is important to consider orientation for already existing homes, most especially if there are little or no windows facing toward the north, or large areas of glazing facing towards east, west or even south. There are simple ways to make most of the orientation.   For instance, enlarging the size of north-facing windows or exchanging the use of existing rooms so that the room with the highest penetration of sun becomes the living areas.

Position Window to make the most of the Sun

At noon, the sun is at its hottest. In regards to this, make sure eaves over northern windows are large enough to keep the sunlight out in summer, but not so large that they prevent it from penetrating during winter. Glare and overheating is now an increasing problem in many homes with the trend towards wider, floor to ceiling windows.

Cooling When you Need It

Consider having windows located to any source of water bodies such like lakes in other to allow the free flow of wind into the house.  However, most belle isle condos are known for their well-ventilated environment. A building with a narrow footprint generally has a limited air flow paths across the rooms and therefore can benefit from natural cross-flow ventilation from windows opened.

Letting in the Wind

The wind has become a great issue in so many parts of the world today. However, homes should be oriented in ways that prevent strong winds just like treasure isle homes but also allows you to put to use mild breezes to keep you cool during summer.

Other Considerations

There are other factors to put into consideration which include;

  • Views and outlooks
  • Your neighbors
  • Noise from the neighborhood

In other to achieve an ideal orientation, there should be a striking balance between sun, wind and these other factors listed above. If you compromise on orientation in other to take advantages of views, you will be able to provide your home energy-efficiency by using properties like a good insulator, well fitted and well-placed windows.

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