Lighting Up Your Apartment? Check These Tips!

Contemporary homes are shrinking in size, and apartment living is what people prefer, often because of the amenities and added convenience. Lighting up your apartment can be challenging, as the space is limited, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on either style or function. Brands like Le Studio Luminaires design have some come up with amazing lighting ideas that fit the structure and needs of small homes and apartments, and in this post, we have some tips for your help.

  1. Go for suspension lights instead of chandeliers. Chandeliers are usually heavy on design and may not be great for rooms that are not as big as the old-style living rooms. A good replacement would be suspension lights, which can be independent pendant lights or structural designs that rely on geometry and shapes.
  2. Choose warmer lighting when possible. Warm and cozy lights are great for smaller apartments that receive enough natural light. You can use such lighting solutions to create ambience, especially for the bedroom or living room.
  3. Free up the floor space. While a floor lamp here and there wouldn’t hurt as much, you can do better with suspension lights or even table lamps. Also, before you change anything in your apartment, consider getting rid of clutter.
  4. Include more of simple lights. Avoid complicated lighting solutions. The current trend is all about minimalism, and you would benefit huge from simple structures and designs. A hint of color or a more unique shape would work fine, as long as the design doesn’t create confusion.
  5. Consider the theme. It is always better to have a theme in mind before lighting up an apartment. You don’t want to get products and regret not having space to set up everything. Ideally, start with one room at a time.
  6. Always go for branded lighting. Even if you are on a budget, go for branded lighting solutions. The best brands don’t compromise on style and you can find products that are truly inspired by the transitions of our times. Also, selecting similar products for creating a theme gets easier.
  7. Add more texture. It is easy to make the most of lighting, when you add a bit of texture to each room. For example, a nice suspension lamp on a vintage rug just takes the charm of the space to the next level.

Check online and start shopping for lighting solutions for your home.

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