Measure the Air in Your Home for Air Pollution

Acer Air Monitor has air as it specialty, by monitoring the quality of the air in your house or office. This keeps you and your family safe. This monitor is easy to understand as well as use. The air is not that easy to quantify, but Acer has laid out the data for you to read while offering you preventative actions to try to bring the indoor air quality to levels that are comfortable.

Measured wide variety statistics

This monitor measures a wide variety of statistics in the air, including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • TVOC
  • 5
  • PM10

With the air quality full of pollution that is in almost any big city now, many wonder what this air pollution does to the air in their home – air that you live with. Recently this year Acer introduced the Acer Air Monitor– another smart device for your home. This monitor measures and distinguishes the quality of the air in your home in real time and lets you monitor the air quality indicators through its companion phone app.

Assortment of sensors

According to Acer, this Air Monitor uses a wide assortment of sensors used to track 6 key air quality indicators, included above.

Data collected

The data collected can be viewed and monitored using the telephone app; whereIt can also send any alerts via push notification if any of the quality indicators cross predefined limits. It will also be able to keep historical data, so you can see when or if things change.


This monitor is built using a design that is simple and mounts an LED light on top. These LED lights changes quickly letting you understand the situation of your air from just a quick look. There is also an integrated sensor that checks for the ambient light and turns the LED off to prevent distracting you from your slumber.

IFTTT Integration

The Acer Air Monitor also comes with the 3rd-party IFTTT integration that allows you to blow the Air Monitor in full speed if the air quality crosses substantial marks above the parameter. This all can be done using Acer’s companion app for smartphones.

For further information

You can find these monitors for sale on Amazon store and further information at Acer Official site.


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