These Tried-And-True Ways Will Lighten Up Your Dark Room in No Time

One of the biggest mistakes people make is considering a single chandelier as the primary source of light for their space. Little do they know that these chandeliers only serve as a supplementary source of light. Bot, not to worry, you still can rectify this mistake. And if you are one of those wise ones that didn’t commit the same mistake and you still have a room that looks like a dark cave, you can follow the tips below and thank us later.

  1. Clean up your light fixtures

We are too lazy to clean up those things which are out of reach. Yes, maybe your chandelier is too high for you to clean it, but in order to brighten up your dark room, you need to break the sweat. Dust your light fixtures carefully as not to break the sensitive parts. If dusting doesn’t do the trick, lay an old newspaper below and spray a mind concoction of dish detergent and warm water and remove the dust from the light fixtures.

  1. Choose those light fixtures that emit more light than your old ones.

When preferring to buy lamps, look out for lamps with lighter hues than darker ones. The dark lamps will absorb the light and will emit a minimal output which is a total waste of money and energy. Premiere Luminaire foyer lighting is an excellent choice. They give us a variety of options to choose from. Also, look for fixtures that are transparent and/or opal glass, avoid seedy glass or designs as they obstruct the straight flow of light in your space. If you have installed a ceiling flush mount light, try using a semi-flush mount light as it will lighten the room up and down at the same time. If you are worried about lightbulbs spoiling the look of your room consider buying frosted and half-dipped ones. They help in minimizing the glare.

  1. Try adding more layers of light

Just relying on the primary source of light is a huge home décor blunder. Try adding other supplementary lights to your space like LED tape light, wall sconces, under-cabinet lights, pendant lights etc. That way you can add to the versatility of the light levels in your room.

Also, you should acquaint yourself to the major layers of light:

  • Ambient lights are overhead light fixtures like chandeliers, pendant fixtures etc.
  • Task lights are table lamps, swing-arm wall etc.
  • Accent lights are wall sconces etc.


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