Things to look before cleaning your window!

People nowadays build up their house with lot of unique structures such as hanging garden, glass windows, pillared basement etc. The problem always comes at the point of cleaning, and more importantly when cleaning glass windows.

Reasons to clean:

Main reasons to clean your glass windows are because they look dusty which may feel discomfort. You may also find rain droplets as dusty sediment if you do not clean your windows frequently. It also makes the window look blurry. But there are plenty of measures to be noticed before cleaning your windows.

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Things to notice:

  1. Always look if there is any breakage or crack
  2. Do not use any hard object to clean
  3. In case of any crack or breakage better make a change because it can lead to further problems with safety measure.
  4. In case of high window shields it’s always better to hire professional cleaning service such as Aquashine window washing, because they help in bringing out a better appearance giving you a new renovated look.
  5. Do not stop with one day cleaning. The real work is only on maintaining it with proper checking.

When it comes to cleaning of window always look for the lower side where dust stays… It’s always better to clean them now and them. Make sure you wear you safety masks before cleaning. If you have any allergic diseases please do not involve in cleaning as it may worsen your situation. Better hire a cleaning service.

Maintaining the cleanliness and perfectness is all I our planning. Make a schedule and check your windows now and then. Especially if you are near road side or sea shore it may result in dusty deposit over your window which may spoil the total look of your house. You can use window screen to cover up the window. When cleaning is gentle and avoid using bare hands over glass windows. Do not try to finish your work soon. The more you are patience, the quality of work will be better.


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