Tips On Media Blasting; How To Make It Work Better And Effective

When you take a look at the basics, Media Blasting is quite a simple and easy process. You combine a coarse media with air shooting at high pressure from a small opening in a nozzle. You will find Media blasting to be extremely effective and effectual when you make sure to use some of the simple tips mentioned below.

Proper tools and Equipment

One of the main reasons people sometimes have difficulty in is operating a media blaster when the compressor is not able to move at the same rate with the blaster. When you go to purchase yourself a blaster or if you already own one, make sure you check the ratings in contrast to your compressor.

In an ideal situation, your compressor should be set at max capacity. Let’s take a look at the mechanics to understand why. When the blaster is running constantly and the compressor is not given enough time to rest, the excessive heat creates a moisture and clogs the lines in the blaster. Remember when you talked about the physics of a media blaster earlier? In order for the media blaster to work at its best, high amounts of continuous pressure is required, and if the compressor is not able to produce the required volume, the blaster won’t operate correctly.

For those who use a blaster for industrial purposes, the pressure should be set to 80-100 PSI at the nozzle. If the pressure is kept any less than this, the blaster will not be able to properly remove the material since the required force is not there. Same can be said about setting the pressure more than the desired rate. If the blaster is running above 100-120 PSI, it will outdo the blaster tank and lead the media to collapse.

Hose Shape and Length

While having a long hose might be nice, the functioning and potential of your blaster will be affected drastically. Though you might find it inconvenient, keep the length of your air hose short as you possibly can. Also, make sure that the hose is free of kinks and bends.

If the length of the hose is excessively long, it will put pressure on the compressor and require it to work harder. This will bring a decrease in its performance. The same principle applies to your blaster hose.

Strat Fresh with a new air filter

As explained above, it is essential for your compressor that you keep a proper air dryer or separator in line. It is suggested that for each blasting project you start with, you use a brand new disposable air filter. This will be a small price to pay to evade the accumulation of wet clumps obstructing your pressure blaster.

Well, that’s about it. Put these few but useful tips on media blasting into practice and you will see your blaster work smooth and trouble-free. Your job will be done in about half the time it will take you otherwise.

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