Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Technology has penetrated every sector of our lives including our homes. Technology is enabling people to have smart homes, whose functionality makes life easier. A smart home is a home that features remotely controlled functions of the home and devices. Of late, homeowners are turning their homes into smart homes to improve the functionality and make a profit in the event of a sale. You have a variety options when it comes to turning your home into a smart home. You may consider installing the following smart home features before including your property in our Edmonds real estate listings in order to attract potential buyers.


Home surveillance is one of the biggest elements of a smart home. Smart home surveillance entails the installation of cameras in their interior and exterior parts of the home in order to check on family members, pets, and nannies. The surveillance system connects to electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets to allow you to check on the home from any part of the world with the help of Wi-Fi connection.

Smart home surveillance is a great security tool because it makes you aware of who comes into your home at any particular time. The surveillance system comes with an alarm system that informs your security provider of any security breach in the home. The cameras are ideal for keeping records video records of people, which is useful in the event of a burglary.


Smart lighting is a component of a smart home, which allows you to control the switching on and off lights in your home. Smart lighting enables you to control the lights in your home from wherever with the simple touch of a button on your smart phone. This way, you need not worry about wasting electricity while on vacation because you can switch off lights in any room remotely. Smart lighting enhances security because you can switch on lights in the home when you are away to give an illusion of the home being occupied.

Heating and cooling

Smart heating and cooling features smart thermostats that enable you to control the temperatures of your home remotely. A smart thermostat will set the ideal temperature for a home with regard to the climatic conditions. As such, you will heat and cool your home appropriately whenever necessary. Additionally, the smart thermostat can use your location to prompt heating and cooling with regard to your distance from the home so that you enter a conducive environment.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence entails the creation and use of machines that mimic the actions of humans. Artificial assistants allow you to submit verbal instructions for them to perform various functions in the home. Artificial assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa control appliances in the home including washing machines and microwaves. They also answer questions by searching the web and ordering food and cabs for you to your home.

You may need to start small when seeking to have a smart home in order to avoid overwhelming costs of installing hardware and paying for security services. Our Edmonds condos for sale often receive high offer prices when they have smart home features.

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